Mobility Equipment


Wheelchair accessories enhance the individual’s safety, ability to perform activities of daily living and their independence.

Accessories include:

  • Height adjustable arm: Proper arm height improves an individuals postural stability.
  • Full arm / desk arm: Desk arms allow the wheelchair to be pulled up to a table, full arms can be used with an arm trough.
  • Anti-tippers: Prevent the wheelchair from tipping over.
  • Wheel lock extensions: Ensure wheel locks are engaged to prevent falls.
  • Swing away footrest: Foot rests swing out to allow the individual to safely stand.
  • Elevating footrest: Elevate the legs for individuals with a medical need for elevation.
  • Articulating footrest: Elevate and Extend the legs for individuals with a medical need for elevation.
  • Limb support: Provide support for patient with amputations.
  • Arm trough: Support and stabilize the arm.
  • Oxygen Tank Holder

Wheelchair Cushions

Seat cushions and back cushions are used to ensure proper seating, positioning and pressure sore preventions. Seat cushion options include:

  • Standard Seat Cushion
  • Equagel Pressure Ulcer Prevention Cushion
  • Standard Back Cushion
  • Lateral Support Back Cushion (only available with a Tilt Wheelchair)