Low Air Loss Mattress

Low Air Loss Mattress

When To Order:

  • Low air loss mattress is a treatment product for pressure ulcers (bed sore).

Medical Documentation:

The clinical care team needs to document in the individual’s medical record the following:

  • Wound assessment and management.
  • Wound location on the back or buttocks.
  • Multiple stage II wounds or one large stage III or stage IV wound.
  • Wound size (length, width, depth) must be documented as greater than 8 cm.
  • Wound care plan.
  • Turning and positioning schedule.
  • Moisture/incontinence management plan.
  • Nutritional assessment and diet recommendations.
  • That the individual/caregiver has been educated on the wound management plan of care.
  • That the individual has follow-up care for wound management (i.e. skilled nursing visits, wound clinic, etc.).
  • The individual’s provider (MD, DO, NP or PA) must complete a written order.

Selecting Equipment:

The following considerations impact the selection of equipment:

  • Low Air Loss mattresses need to be used on a hospital bed.
  • If the individual has two stage II pressure ulcers, the provider must document that the individual has used a group 1 mattress (gel overlay mattress) for 30 days and the wounds are not healing.