Commonly asked Wheelchair Questions:

How to Fold Up the Wheelchair:

  • Grip the front and the back of the seat upholstery in the middle and pull up.  

How to Detach Anti-tippers:

  • Push on the button on the anti-tipper and rotate the anti-tipper so that it is facing up.  Remember to reengage the anti-tipper when the individual is sitting in the wheelchair.

Wheelchair Manual

Commonly asked Hospital Bed Questions:

The head and foot of the bed are not elevating:

  • Check that the bed is plugged in and the outlet has power.
  • Check that the power cord is plugged into the motor.
  • Check that the remote is plugged into the motor.

Can Half-Rails be used to assist an individual in getting out of the hospital bed?

  • Half-rails should not be used to assist the individual in rising from a seated position on the edge of the bed to a standing position.  An individual should use a walker for assistance with rising from a seated position to a standing position.

What should the height of the bed be set at?

  • There are three options for the height of the bed:
    1. If the individual will be getting out of bed, the height of the bed should be set so that the individuals’ feet are flat on the floor when sitting on the edge of the bed.
    2. If the individual will be transferring to a wheelchair, the top of the mattress should be even with the seat of the wheelchair.  A transfer board should be used for a safe transfer from the hospital bed to the wheelchair.  
    3. If the individual is bed bound, the hospital bed should be set at the highest level.

How do I adjust the height of the bed?

  • Semi-electric beds have a crank at the foot of the bed to adjust the height.
  • Full-electric and bariatric beds can adjust the height of the bed with the remote control.

The bed is sliding?

  • There are two locking wheels on the hospital bed.  Make sure both locks are engaged.

Bariatric Bed Manual

Semi Electric Bed Manual

Full Electric Bed Manual

Commonly Asked Low Air Loss Questions:

The low air loss mattress is not inflating:

  • Make sure the pump is plugged in and there is power in the outlet.
  • The pump should always be turned on and the dial should be set to 10-15 lbs more than the individual’s weight.
  • Check that the tubing from the mattress to the pump is connected.
  • Check that the red CPR tag is fully inserted/closed.

The low air loss mattress is not alternating:

  • Check that the “static” button is turned off.

Low Air Loss Manual

Commonly Asked Patient Lift Questions:

The lift is not going down:

  • The lift will only go down if there is weight in the sling.  If the lift was raised without the patient in the sling, apply downward pressure to the arm to lower it.

How to make the base wider, narrower:

  • The base can be made wider/narrower using the  lever on the back of the lift.

Patient Lift Manual